As a business starts to grow, it’s crucial that your actions don’t strangle it in its infancy.

By avoiding the mistakes that so many business owners make you have a far greater chance of succeeding beyond the first 2 years.

Hilary Briggs is a management consultant with over 20 years of industrial experience having held senior management positions at Rover Group, Whirlpool Corporation and The Laird Group plc, where she was Managing Director of the Group’s German-based Car Body Sealing Division. Hilary is also chairman of the Central London group for the Academy for Chief Executives.

In her experience working with many business owners from a variety of sectors she has identified seven key mistakes that business owners make again and again and that often lead to the death of their company;

1. Doing too much yourself

2. You don’t know what you don’t know (i.e. a lack of skills and/or knowledge)

3. Growing too quickly before your model is proven

4. You haven’t got anyone to bounce ideas off

5. Bringing in the wrong people

6. Lack of self awareness

7. Staying in the comfort zone

By avoiding, at least to some degree, these seven common mistakes your business has a far greater chance of not just surviving but thriving! Take a look at each of these areas and ask yourself some tough questions, and be honest! Your answers and the resulting actions you take could make all the difference to your future wealth and happiness.

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Hilary Briggs is a profitable growth expert with over 15 years of industrial experience, having held senior management positions at Rover Group, Whirlpool Corporation and The Laird Group plc. For the last 10 years, she’s worked with SME’s to improve their profitability. Hilary is Managing Director of profitable growth specialists R2P Ltd.

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