Deliver Results in 100 days

If you’re running your own business, or perhaps working your way to the point when you’ll start your own enterprise, you’ll most likely find there are times when you just don’t know where to start. And yet you need results quickly…read more


Business Plan Resource Pack

Some of the top questions that crop up in businesses are, “How do I write a business plan? What template should I use? What performance indicators do I need?”

Help is at hand! A few years ago Hilary co-authored a “Business Planning Resource Pack” with City University. It’s a comprehensive 59 page workbook that sets out all the elements you need for your business plan, and with worksheets to help you pull the information together.

It’ll take you through all the key steps in bite-sized chunks from developing your marketing strategy, identifying your key performance indicators to, of course, developing your cash flow statement. So you can work at it at your own pace, in the time you’ve got available.

Click here for your free copy.


Business Sins

Chantal Cooke from PASSION for the PLANET interviewed Hilary about the various business sins people commit which kill their business. The sins include having no one to bounce ideas off, bringing in the wrong people, a lack of self awareness and staying in your comfort zone. Listen to this podcast now.


Why team building doesn’t work in a recession

In tough economic times it can be tempting to address job uncertainty, low morale and stressed, overworked and disenchanted staff with a big rousing “team” event with an upbeat tone, or an off-site team building event to boost morale and get everyone working together properly.

But in Hilary’s experience, when these kinds of activities are put in place under these circumstances, the impact is not entirely positive.

The 7 mistakes people make that kill their business

As a business starts to grow, it’s crucial that your actions don’t strangle it in its infancy.

In Hilary’s experience working with many business owners from a variety of sectors she has identified seven key mistakes that business owners make again and again and that often lead to the death of their company.

How to stop fire fighting and get calm within your business

Many business owners and managers find themselves caught up in a constant round of fire fighting. For some, the more they tackle the fires, the more they seem to spring up and the worse the cycle can get. There just never seems to be a quiet moment and when you eventually get your head above water – its easy to get knocked back down again and find yourself fire fighting all over again.

The good news is – there is a lot you can do to stop the fire fighting and get calm and back in control.

5 Steps to build your concentration and focus in long meetings

Do you find your mind wandering in long meetings? Could you do with a little more concentration and focus?

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