Deliver Results Programme

If you’re running your own business, or perhaps working your way to the point when you’ll start your own enterprise, you’ll most likely find there are times when you just don’t know where to start. And yet you need results quickly…

Help is at hand with this programme designed to get you moving! Sign up now for your free report giving you the key 7 steps to deliver results in 100 days, a weekly email with tips to keep you on track and encouragement to take the actions you need to.

Watch these video extracts from live events to get you started:

1. Delivering Results – Overview
In this first video, Hilary outlines her set of 7 skills and techniques, refined over a number of years, which you can apply to help you achieve seemingly impossible tasks and projects.

2. Delivering Results – Step 2 – Create a 100 day plan
When you’re planning do you find that actions happen right away, or at the last minute, or a little in between? This is where a 100 Day Plan can help. Here, Hilary explains the benefits in greater detail.

3. Delivering Results – Step 5 – Take Action!
When you have a lot on your plate it’s completely normal to feel utterly overwhelmed. In this video Hilary shares some tips on cutting through that overwhelm, breaking the project into manageable pieces and getting things done.

4. Delivering Results – Step 6 – Review Progress
Regularly reviewing your progress is essential to the success of your 100 Day Plan. It can stop small problems becoming big problems, and allows you to adapt, refine and hone your plan as necessary.

5. Delivering Results – Use your success stories
What happens when you find yourself in a situation where you have no idea what to do next? Hilary leaves you with one final tip that will turn your every pastime into a treasure trove of skills to help you deliver results.

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