Remove the Blocks to Business Success

Frustrated that your goals are not turning into reality?

As a leader or owner of an SME, you’ve got ambitious goals, such as starting a new business, scaling up or selling an existing one. But the delivery’s just not happening. You’re struggling with:

  • Multiple distractions
  • Things taking longer
  • Finding the right people

All of which leave you feeling like you’re wading in treacle.

Sound familiar? Alas, the world’s not standing still. Lack of progress means you’re falling behind, losing valuable opportunities to make money.

Happily, there’s a solution.

G2R – Goals to Results

From over 35 years in business and honed by medal-winning success in triathlons, Hilary Briggs has developed her 5-step G2R process. Expertly guided by Hilary, using G2R will give you focus and clarity, resulting in you and your business sprinting forwards.

Hilary Briggs – real-world expertise…

An engineer by training, Hilary learnt how to analyse and break problems down. Her diverse business career in the UK and internationally has spanned working in start-ups through to multinationals. She has held Senior Management positions at Rover Group, Whirlpool Europe, and The Laird Group (Managing Director of a German subsidiary), and was Managing Director of Gardasoft Vision Ltd. She has also worked as a consultant to improve performance of a wide variety of businesses.

Over the last six years, Hilary has applied her approach to triathlons, transforming herself from low-grade amateur to a member of the Team GB Age Group team, winning Silver in the 2022 European Championships and Gold in the 2022 British Championships. Hilary even overcame a major Achilles injury on the way!


Award-winning Speaker

Hilary is winner of the 2022 Professional Speaking Association’s Speaker Factor Emerging Speaker of the Year contest – see highlights of her speech here:

Working with Hilary

Typically, Hilary imparts her knowledge and experience through:

Hilary will happily tailor her support to suit your organisation.

Popular topics:

  • Overcoming Overwhelm
  • Focus for results
  • Survive & Thrive
  • Kym Hamer, Director, Artemis Futures International Limited

    Hilary was absolutely brilliant. I loved her story about coming from engineering, understanding about focus and systems, and how she's applied that to not only becoming a triathlete, but also developing high performing businesses and teams.”

  • Marcus Orlovsky, Director, Bryanston Square

    Hilary put together her experience of breaking through as a triathlete with understanding business... How to achieve the big picture through a whole series of small goals - and at the same time maintain calmness. Great talk!"

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