Whether you’re a start-up or the owner of an established business looking to diversify, expand or sell, working with Hilary Briggs will help you to find the best way forwards.

The G2R (Goals to Results) Process


Hilary’s G2R Process helps your business not just survive but thrive. In a nutshell, this is how her process works:

  1. Pressure relief – find the barriers, clear the overwhelm and create a winning mentality
  2. Purpose – identify your goals and clarify what success means to you
  3. Plan – create a 90-day plan that includes all the actions, resources and expertise necessary
  4. Prompt Action – focus on the key tasks, building momentum and motivation
  5. Progress review – goals are living things; as you achieve one, get ready to upgrade and go for the next challenge

Naturally, every organisation is different. Hilary’s G2R process is not a one-size fits all approach; it’s adapted to your specific needs, goals and values. To find out more about how Hilary can transform your business, get in touch today.

2022 PSA Speaker Factor Emerging Speaker of the Year. Award being presented by Dr Lynda Shaw President of the Professional Speaking Association.

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