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Hilary is winner of the 2022 Professional Speaking Association’s Speaker Factor Emerging Speaker of the Year contest – see her winning speech here:

Presenting webinars, keynotes and interactive workshops, Hilary’s most popular topics are:


  • Overcoming Overwhelm
  • Focus for Results
  • Survive and Thrive

Overcoming Overwhelm

As a manager and leader, feeling overwhelmed when every issue imaginable hits at once is a huge challenge. From recruitment to cost pressures and everything in between, it can be very stressful and even impact your health.

You’re not alone! Hilary’s popular interactive workshop, Overcoming Overwhelm, will help you to:

  • Understand the causes to then establish clear priorities and focus
  • Identify short term actions for you and the organisation to get control
  • Set out longer term actions for you and the organisation to mitigate the risks of overwhelm in the future

Find out more about the Overcoming Overwhelm workshop by clicking here.

Simon Edmondson, Co-Host of the Business Network Chester.

Focus for Results

Are you an ambitious business owner with great ideas and goals, but the pace of delivery is glacial? As an entrepreneur, where are you on the business life cycle?

  • Got the idea, but struggling to get started?
  • Business up and running, but consistently missing budgets?
  • Facing significant changes in the market and needing urgent turnaround?

If that all sounds familiar, then Hilary’s game-changing Focus for Results talk is the one for you. In it, she shares her 5-step G2R (Goals to Results) process that has helped organisations from start-ups to large multinationals overcome major operational issues, drive performance and more.

Find out more about the Focus for Results talk by clicking here.


Survive and Thrive

When hard times hit, it can have a negative impact on your business. So it’s prudent to take stock of your business, fast! Hilary’s Survive and Thrive talk explains how to use tough times to put the necessary steps in place to cover a worst-case scenario. This both ensures your organisation’s survival and sets it up to thrive. She will cover:

  • 3 top actions to do
  • 3 things not to do!
  • How to use hard times to hone your business skills for ongoing success

Hilary’s talk includes stories from her practical experiences of working with a range of organisations during various economic challenges, including the credit crunch and COVID-19. Her stories include learnings from her triathlon success.

Find out more about the Survive and Thrive talk by clicking here.

  • Member of Cardamom Growth Academy Group

    I was excited following Hilary’s session as I realised how I could apply all the hard-won lessons from my life to improve my work and organisation. Hilary gave me the blueprint to do this.”

  • Kym Hamer, Director, Artemis Futures International Limited

    Hilary was absolutely brilliant. I loved her story about coming from engineering, understanding about focus and systems, and how she's applied that to not only becoming a triathlete, but also developing high performing businesses and teams.”

  • Marcus Orlovsky, Director, Bryanston Square

    Hilary put together her experience of breaking through as a triathlete with understanding business... How to achieve the big picture through a whole series of small goals - and at the same time maintain calmness. Great talk!"

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