Yet More Rail Strikes – Problem or Opportunity?

Oh no – not more cancellations! More rail strikes from both RMT and ASLEF disrupted many of us during July and August 2022. But could they be seen as opportunities?

During the last round of walkouts, I had a meeting near Northampton on a strike day. Living in London and having ditched the car years before, I had a choice: cancel the meeting, hire a car, or get on my bike.




My cycling history

I cycled a lot as a student and into my early thirties, but eventually stopped. Until, that was, a series of tube strikes by RMT ten years ago put me in a similar situation. I had to attend an evening class and didn’t want to miss it. So, I dusted off my mountain bike.

I thought I was fairly fit, but the excursion to West Hampstead and back was a bit more taxing than I’d expected. Some red traffic lights were very welcome, allowing me to get my breath back (yes, some cyclists do stop!).

Soon after, I started work for a renewable energy company. Cycling to and from work seemed ideal to fit with the eco-credentials. I got fitter!

Then I took a job near Cambridge and ended up cycling a 35km round trip every day. As I was already doing some swimming, I only had to restart my running and I was into triathlons. That was in 2016.

Despite having a subsequent major Achilles issue (long story but had to have it replaced followed by 15 months of rehab), I resumed the triathlons, completing my first standard distance (1500m swim / 40km bike / 10km run) in 2018. I realised I needed a coach… Once I had a proper plan and increased the training volume, the results followed, leading me to qualify for Team GB Age Group team in 2021.

Building endurance

When the 2022 strike hit, again, I didn’t want to cancel my meeting. So, I opted for the bike. It was an opportunity to build my endurance and capability for a potential half ironman (90km bike leg). I managed to find reasonably quiet roads back from Northampton for a total of 128km, getting home at 10:30pm.

I accept that’s probably a wee bit too far for a lot of people. But it is better, in fact, to start with smaller distances and build up to what you need.

Moral of the story

Sometimes, life thrusts a challenge onto us. We have a choice on how to respond. Looking for the opportunity and letting that take us in a new direction can open up all sorts of exciting possibilities.

At the time of writing, I’m looking forward to competing for Team GB in the Triathlon Age Group World Championships in Abu Dhabi later in 2022. With thanks to the RMT for the opportunity!

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Hilary Briggs is British Triathlon Age Group Champion and European Silver medallist for Standard Distance triathlon. She’s a Management Consultant and Speaker in her day job.

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